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Who we are

I am Janella N. Smyth, FASA. I appraise personal property for various types of value and various intended uses as outlined elsewhere on this website, Accredited-Appraisal.com. The letters behind my name signify that I am a Fellow of the American Society of Appraisers. More information about my background and professional qualifications are also available on this site. Through my own education and experience, combined with association with a network of qualified specialists, I provide appraisals for a wide variety of personal property items and categories.

Within this website I have provided several pages to help potential users of my appraisal services understand the appraisal process. I have tried to present these details and complexities as clearly as I can. If you have any questions, I will be happy to talk with you about your need for an appraisal.

(BTW: if the menu and its sub menus don’t list something that concerns you, the “search” window is pretty good about finding words and phrases anywhere in the text.)

The Contact page provides addresses, phone numbers, and email contact information for getting in touch with me.

While I am located in the North Carolina Piedmont, I serve clients in neighboring states and elsewhere when it is cost-effective for my clients.